Our Culture

Work Smart
We believe in work smart, be successful at the things we do and have lots of fun.

Flat Organization Structure
Our environment is casual and flexible as we are not a big organization with layers of protocol.

Open Brainstorming Session
We work efficiently as a team where all ideas and opinions are openly shared in a flat organizational structure.

Healthy Competition
We conversely embrace the friendly competition among the trading team, pushing us to continually reach for greater heights.

Dress Comfortably
The dress code here is there is no dress code.

Fun Time
We do more than work together. There are gaming areas in the office where we have games of poker or play video games together.

Bonding Time
Every year, upon achieving our team’s goals, the entire team takes days off to go on a chosen destination for vacation together.

Work Life Balance
Work/Life balance is essential to sustain our culture and overall success.